Transport Facilities

Owing to the prominence of its location, the institutes has ample public transportation facilities available. Anyhow the college will have its own conveyance for the students plying to most nearby towns and cities. A detailed route may be obtained from the transport department of the college.

Following are the various bus routes from college.

Bus No. Destination Bus Route
1 Kannur Pilathara-Taliparamba-Puthiyatheru-Kannur
2 Kannur Pilathara-Pazhayangadi-Alavil-Kannur
3 Puthiyatheru Pilathara-Taliparamba-Puthiyatheru
4 Mayyil Taliparamba-Dharmasala-Parassini-Mayyil
5 Dharmasala Pilathara-Taliparamba-Dharmasala
6 Sreekandapuram Manna-Sreekandapuram
7 Pazhayangadi Pilathara-Athiyadam-Pazhayangadi
8 Trikaripur Payyanur-Payyanur Railway station-Trikaripur
9 Kanhangad Edat-Karivellur-Cheruvathur-Nileswar-Kanhangad
10 Therthally Peringome-Padichal-Cherupuzha-Therthally
11 Naduvil Mathamangalam-Panapuzha-Vellora-Perumbadavu-Edakkom-Naduvil