SC/ST Welfare Cell

The Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) Cell in this institute promotes the special interests of students in the reserved category. It is expected to provide special inputs in areas where the students experience difficulties. The Cell may conduct regular remedial coaching classes on life skills, personality development, writing assignments and making presentations. The Cell also is organized interactive sessions and informal meetings with students to attend to their personal, social and academic problems.

Cell Members

Sl. No Name Designation & Dept.
1 Mr. Pradosh M V (In charge) Asst. Prof. EC
2 Mr. JthinRaj T Asst. Prof. ME
3 Mrs. Anjana K V Asst. Prof. CE
4 Mrs. Rosebell John Asst. Prof. CSE
5 Mr. Pradeep P V Asst. Prof. S & H..