Department of Mechanical Engineering

This sophisticated lab caters to the syllabus requirement related to the latest trends in manufacturing and automation. The lab is fully equipped with the CNC machines and modern CAD / CAM software covering computer aided design, analysis and manufacturing fields. The lab has the finest blend of the world's leading softwares. The department conducts regular training programmes in "CAD / CAM / CAE software" and "CNC Programming and Opera­tors" under the continuing Education scheme.

Sl. No Faculty Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. T ASHOK KUMAR Professor and Principal ME ( Computetr Integrated Manufacturing), PhD. (Mechanical Alloying, Spark Plasma Sintering and Characterisation of Fe-Ni Nanopowers )
2 Mr. ANURANJ K K Assistant Professor (HOD) M.Tech. ( Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical System Design)
3 MR. SREEJITH P K Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Machine Design )
4 MR. ARUN K V Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Thermal Power Engineering)
5 Mr. SREEKESH K Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Design )
6 Mr. JITHINRAJ T Assistant Professor M.Tech.( Thermal Fluid Engg )
7 Mr. UNNIKRISHNAN P Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Mechatronics )
8 Mr. SREELAL B Assistant Professor M.Tech.( Thermal and Fluid Engineering )
9 MR. MEGHANADHAN C A Assistant Professor M.Tech. (IC Engine and Turbo Machinery )
10 MRS. RASHMI RAVINDRAN Assistant Professor M. Tech.(CAD/CAM)
11 MR. JISHNU K K Assistant Professor M. Tech.(Manufacturing systems management)
12 Mr.Dominic Thomas Assistant Professor M.Tech