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Apart from the computer labs provided in each department, College of Engineering and Technology - Payyanur has a centralized computer center to cater to the most advanced needs of the students and the faculty. It has been facilitated with 50 nodes connected in LAN with a Xeon processor server. These are connected to a 2 Mbps leased line internet connection. Students can also make use of these systems, adequately supported by inkjet, laser jet, dot matrix printers, scanners, scanner cum copier etc. The center opens throughout the year, constantly updates itself by procuring the latest software, both in design and application area like SQL, Visual Studio, MATLAB and VHDL. With the 2 MBPS leased line internet connection, the center has significantly enhanced its capacity to provide speedy access of internet for different computer labs also. The center is not only a workstation for the students to sharpen their computer skills, but also is a hub of guidance & support for the final year students taking up project in the software field.