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Department of Civil Engineering

# Faculty Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. YAJNHESWARAN B Assistant Professor And HOD Ph.D. Pursuing ( Marine Structures )
2 Mrs. HARITHA V.P Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Water Management )
3 Mrs. GREESHMA B. NAIR Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Remote Sensing & Geographical Information System )
4 Mr. JINESH KUMAR V Assistant Professor B.Tech ( Marine Structures)
5 Mrs. ANJANA K V Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Environmental Geotechnology )
6 Miss. JEEJA JAYAN Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Environmental Geotechnology )
7 MRS. AFSATH K Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Structural Engg )
8 MISS. ABHINA N K Assistant Professor M.Tech. (Structural Engg )
9 MR. HARISHANKER N Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Structural Engg. )
10 Mr. C M JIBEESH Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Geotechnical Engineering )
11 Miss. SHIMNA P Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Water Resources Engg. & Mgt. )
12 Miss. ANU GEORGE Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Structural Engineering )

Civil Engineering Department plays a very important role in the field of research, testing, certification and training for the industry. Covering around 5000 square metre of built up area, the department has labs that are equipped with modern equipments. We are also providing support for external lab works.

The material Testing Lab of the department gives an insight to the behavior of building materials through scientific studies and shapes an engineer's perspective on the functional properties of materials. The available facilities include Universal Testing machines (200, 100 & 60 tones), spring testing machines, machines for testing hardness, flexural strength, impact strength, title abrasion, etc.
This lab introduce the students to the basics of plan and geodetic surveying using precision Instruments like total station, levels, micro-optic and electronic theodolites, plane table and compass. This lab gives sufficient exposure to the students in the relevant and up-to-date aspects of surveying. Consultancy works from major public and private organizations are also undertaken.
It concentrates on foundation engineering with emphasis on soil sampling and site investigation, using equipments like direct and triaxial shear apparatus, consolidometer, plate load testing machine, unconfined compression testing machine etc... Investigation for shallow and deep foundation is also carried out. It undertakes consultancy services in soil investigation, testing and foundation design.
The Transportation Lab of the department has specialized facilities like California bearing ratio apparatus, marshal stability testing machine, Los Angeles abrasion test apparatus, impact test machine and other equipments to analyze the quality of bitumen. The focus here is on the pavement design of highways and runways.
It primary deals with physical, chemical and bacteriological analysis of portable water and sewage. The lab maintains equipments like microprocessor based gas chromatogaph, BOD incubator, refrigerator centrifuge, turbidity meter etc.
The departmental computer lab has a client-server computing facility. There are more than 80 systems connected through LAN. The lab is also equipped with interne facility. It has the latest design and plotting software like STAAD, Auto CAD, STRAP, NISA Civil, and SAP etc.