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Industry Institute partnership cell (IIPC) is established for enhancing the relationship between the institute and industry. This cell identifies the industrial expectation and promotes institutional preparation for meeting industrial needs by facilitating sponsored R&D projects, seminars, workshops and various other industrial training programmes. Organising such IIPC's makes an effective contribution to educational system rather than criticizing shortcomings which are expected by the industry. Industry Institute partnership reflects in equipping faculty to latest practices and makes the students industry-ready by providing exposure to current industry practices, and hone their skills to adapt changing technologies. The primary focus of IIPC is to interact with elite industries in Kerala and extend the efforts in establishing partnership with industries across the country in near future.

The objective of the IIP Cell is to reduce the gap between industry expectations (practice) and academic offerings (theory) by direct involvement of industry to attain a symbiosis.

CET PAYYANUR has setup an Industry Institute Partnership Cell for the above purpose. Industries and Technical Institution have a strong mutuality of interest which forms the basis of a partnership between them. The institute has set up an industry-institute Partnership Cell with the following objectives:



To organize lectures, interactive workshops, conferences, seminars, brain storming sessions, technical discussions, consultancy Sessions, training, orientation courses, meetings, visits etc, and involving members of the Industry, outside experts, eminent personalities, faculty and students of CET PAYYANUR.

To provide technical consultancy services to/from the industry. To invite expert members of the Industry to CET PAYYANUR to spend varying durations as Guest Faculty members/Research Supervisors/ Technical Consultants etc. with other Engineering Colleges and Technical Institutes where such interactive research programmes are running successfully. To share the experience, through exchange of lectures, visits and meetings etc.


NBA (National Board of Accreditation) is an accrediting agency at the national level responsible for overseeing the growth and quality of technical Education in the country.

NBA conducts evaluation of programs of technical institution on the basis of laid down norms.

CET- Payyanur has formed the following committee to review the departmental activities according to the norms and to make the institution fit for the external review to become an NBA accredited institution in coming years.

Members :

# Name Designation & Dept.
1 Mrs. Remya V V Asst. Prof. EEE
2 Mrs. Jibina M V Asst. Prof. EEE
3 Mrs. Haritha S Asst. Prof. ECE
4 Miss. Dhanya C T Asst. Prof. ECE
5 Mrs.Haritha V P Asst. Prof. CE
6 Mrs. Shimna P Asst. Prof. CE
7 Mr. Anuranj K K Asst. Prof. ME
8 Mrs. Rashmi Raveendran Asst. Prof. ME
9 Mr. Sooraj T Asst. Prof. S&H Dept
10 Mr.Sijo Joseph Mr.Sijo Joseph


With a motive of providing knowledge of robotics and automation among the students, the Robotics Club conducts various workshops and courses through the semesters. Robotics Club aims at educating and promoting our students in the field of robotics and automation to explore and compete in the same.

Club Members:

# Name Designation & Dept.
1 Mr. Mithulnath P U (In charge) Asst. Prof. ECE
2 Mrs. Haritha S Asst. Prof. EEE
3 Miss. Anupama A Asst. Prof. EEE
4 Mrs. Anjana K V Asst. Prof. CE
5 Mr. Unnikrishanan P Asst. Prof. ME


Achievers cell of College of Engineering and Technology-Payyanur mentors the students to excel in the field of academics personally and professionally. The cell inspires students to achieve their goals and shows various career paths. It also emphasis to improve Engineering skills technically and help them to thrive in campus placements, carrier exams like GATE, IES etc.


# Name Designation & Dept.
1 Mrs. Haritha V P (In charge) Asst. Prof. CE
2 Mrs. Rakhi K Asst. Prof. EEE
3 Mrs. Anjana K V Asst. Prof. CE
4 Mrs. Rashmi Ravindran Asst. Prof. ME
5 Mrs. Nisha P Asst. Prof. S & H.
6 Mrs. Reshmi Benjamin Asst. Prof. ECE


A P J Abdul Kalam University is mainly intending to improve the quality of engineering students. All the activities of the cell in the college are controlled and co-ordinated by the KTU co-ordinator along with the departmental co-ordinators. It has course / class committee, Students Grievance Committee, Internal Audit Committee to improve in their careers.

Cell Members:

# Name Designation & Dept.
1 Mr. Sreekesh K (In charge) Asst. Prof. ME
2 Mrs. Jibina M V Asst. Prof. EEE
3 Mrs. Haritha S Asst. Prof. EEE
4 Mrs. Shimna P Asst. Prof. CE
5 Mr. Sooraj T Asst. Prof. S & H.


The purpose of the club is to promote the principles of good project management by exposing students to the roles and responsibilities of successful project managers also to expand student’s knowledge. By encouraging these professional life skills at college level, we can create youth who are excited about becoming leaders in their careers.

Cell Members:

# Name Designation & Dept.
1 Miss. Anu George (In charge) Asst. Prof. CE
2 Mr. Pradosh M V Asst. Prof. ECE
3 Mrs. Dilna K T Asst. Prof. ECE
4 Mrs. Harsha P Asst. Prof. EEE
5 Mrs. Afsath K Asst. Prof. CE
6 Mr. Jishnu K K Asst. Prof. ME

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell

IEDC is a wonderful business education program that covers every aspect of building a start-up company. It aims to develop institutional mechanism to create entrepreneurial culture in academic institutions to foster growth of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the faculty and students.

Function of IEDC

Cell Members:

# Name Designation & Dept.
1 Mr. Prijith M (In charge) Asst. Prof. EEE
2 Miss. Ranjitha V Asst. Prof. EEE
3 Miss. Dhanya C T Asst. Prof. ECE
4 Mrs. Rosebell John Asst. Prof. ECE
5 Mrs. Afsath K Asst. Prof. CE
6 Mr. Unnikrishnan P Asst. Prof. ME