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Human Rights Commission has taken act of ragging very seriously. The college administration has adopted zero tolerance policy in this regard and sufficient measures have been taken by the administration to prevent the act of ragging in the campus and outside. One anti ragging committee consists of senior faculty members and students have been formed in the institute to ensure zero ragging.

According to AICTE act 1987 and in the view of hon’ble supreme court in SLP No.24295 of 2006dated 16-05-2007 and in civil Appeal number 887 of 2009 dated 08-05-2009 to prohibit, prevent and eliminate the scourge of ragging including any conduct by any student or students. Subsequent notifications issued by the AICTE and Kannur University and APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University. Students indulging in ragging in any form in the college campus or in the vicinity will be strictly dealt with and punished including expulsion from the college. Anti ragging committee and anti ragging squad constitute in the college will be monitoring every action related to this matter.

An anti ragging committee consisting of representatives from Civil and police administration, Local Media, NGO involved in youth activities, representatives of faculty members, parents and students belonging to the freshers category as well as senior and non teaching staff has been formed. The committee meets periodically and reviews the students’ activities to ensure a conducive learning atmosphere for all students.


  1. Principal - 09526950058
  2. Chairman - 09895236930
  3. Civil Society Member
    1. Mr. P Muralidharan - 09895773809
  4. Local Police Administration
    1. CI Taliparamba - 9497987212
  5. Local Media
  6. Youth N G O
    1. Adv. Noushad - 09947316801
  7. Representative of faculty members
    1. Mr. Jishnu - 9496833268
    2. Mr. Sijo Joseph - 08943728508
    3. Mr. Yajnheswaran B - 09497481974
    4. Mrs. Dilna K T - 09895318873
  8. Representative of parents
    1. Mr. Rajan P P - 09656081912
  9. Representative of Freshers :
    1. Mr. Vishnu shankar (ME)
    2. M. Reshma Ramesh (CE)
    3. Mr. Priya Aloysius (EE)
    4. Mr.Vyshak M (EC)
    5. Mr. Muhammed Shafaf (B.ARCH)
  10. Representative of senior students
    1. Mr. Hashil Hareendran (CE)
    2. Miss. Haritha P V (EE)
  11. Non Teaching Staff
    1. Mr. Shiju Mohan P K - 09447648993
    2. Mr. Chandran K - 09495616340
  12. Security
    1. Mr. Uthaman M - 09446677677


  1. Mr. Jyothish (Senior Accounts Manager)
  2. Mr. Sooraj T (Asst. Professor-Chemistry)
  3. Mr. Sijo Joseph (Asst. Professor-Physical Education Director)
  4. Mrs. Amrutha (Asst. Professor-Physics)
  5. Mr. Abhishek (Asst. Professor-ECE)
  6. Miss. Rosebell John (Asst. Professor-Computer Science)
  7. Mr. Prijith M (Asst. Professor-EEE)
  8. Mr. Pradeep P V (Asst. Professor- S & H)
  9. Mr. Chandran K (Workshop Superintendant)
  10. Mr. Sandeep M.K (Lab Instructor-EEE)
  11. Mr. Sajesh Kumar A.V (II nd Grade Instructor-ME)
  12. Mr. Babu P (Trade Instructor-CE)
  13. Mrs. Resmi K.V (II nd Grade Instructor-ECE)
  14. Mr. Prasanth R.C (Store Keeper)
  15. Mr. Manoj K.V (Management Affairs in Charge-Administration)
  16. Mrs. Supriya E.P (Clerk-Administration)
  17. Mrs. Sreeja P (Clerical Assistant-Administration)
  18. Mr. Kaneesh P.V (Librarian)
  19. Mrs. Nalini M (Hostel Warden-Girls Hostel)
  20. Mr. Kamalakshan K (Hostel Warden-Boys Hostel)
  21. Mr. Balakrishnan A.K (Hostel Warden-Boys Hostel)
  22. Mr. Uthaman M (Security)
  23. Mr. Muralidharan K.T (Security)



Empowering women in India is very necessary to bring gender equality. Women empowerment is the vital tool for advancing development in the country. It also would help in reducing poverty by improving health, productivity within families as well as providing better chance to next generation. Equalizing the rights of women and men in the society improves work quality and thus economic status of nation.

Faculty Members:

# Name Designation & Dept.
1 Mrs. Chandana E V (In charge) Asst. Prof. S & H
2 Mrs. Reshmi Benjamin Asst. Prof. ECE
3 Miss. Anu George Asst. Prof. CE
4 Miss. Ranjitha P V Asst. Prof. EEE
5 Mrs. Rashmi Ravindran Asst. Prof. ME

Students Members: :

# Student Name Branch & Sem.
1 Miss. Nimisha K S3 EE
2 Miss. Anchu Balan S5 EE
3 Miss. Nipuna Raveendran S5 EE
4 Miss. Priyanka K S1 EE
5 Miss. Ramitha P S7 ECE
6 Miss. Nikhitha S5 ECE
7 Miss. Neha A Ram Nair S3 ECE
8 Miss. Arya E V S1 ECE
9 Miss. Greeshma V V S7 ME
10 Miss. Sangraha S3 CE
11 Miss. Reshma Radhakrishnan S5 CE
12 Miss. Arya P R S7 CE
13 Miss.Drishya A Prakash T S1 CE
14 Miss. Adheena T P S1 ARC


The Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) Cell in this institute promotes the special interests of students in the reserved category. It is expected to provide special inputs in areas where the students experience difficulties.
The Cell may conduct regular remedial coaching classes on life skills, personality development, writing assignments and making presentations.
The Cell also is organized interactive sessions and informal meetings with students to attend to their personal, social and academic problems.

Cell Members:

# Name Designation & Dept.
1 Mr. Pradosh M V (In charge) Asst. Prof. EC
2 Mr. JthinRaj T Asst. Prof. ME
3 Mrs. Anjana K V Asst. Prof. CE
4 Mrs. Rosebell John Asst. Prof. CSE
5 Mr. Pradeep P V Asst. Prof. S & H..

Grievance and Redressal Committee

Grievance Redressal Mechanism for faculty, staff and students: There is a grievances and appeal committee which is functioning to look into the grievances of teaching and non-teaching staff and students..

Cell Members:

# Name Designation & Dept.
1 Dr.T Ashok Kumar - Chairman Principal (CET-Payyanur)
2 College Chairman and Board of Directors
3 Mr. Jishnu K K (HOD ME)
4 Mr. Yajnheswaran B (HOD CE)
5 Mrs. Dilna K T (HOD ECE)
6 Miss. Soorya K P (B.Arch)
7 Mr. Shiju Mohan P K Administrative Officer
8 Mr. Chandramohan Nambiar Placement Officer

PTA Executive Committee Members

1 Mr. Yajnheswaran B (Secretary) Asst.Professor (CE) 9497481974
2 Mr.Jayachandran K V (President) Adithye Jayachandran (S6 ME) 9495262833
3 Mr. Sreekesh K ( Joint Secretary) Asst.Professor (ME) 99496087421
4 Mr. Rajan T V (vicePresident Chengalam F/o. Midhunraj (S8 EC) 9656081912
5/td> Mr. Satheeshan K P F/o. Jithin P (S2 ME) 9496496267
6 Mrs. Beena V M M/o. AkashKrishnan (S2 EC) 9048948501
7 Mr. Pradeep M K Meghna M O , Kannur (S4EC) 9447484297
8 Mr. Krishnan K Anoopa Krishnan (S4 EC) 9497601108
9 Mrs. Lalitha P V Harittha P V (S6 EE) 9744585854
10 Mr.Lakshmanan P V Sooryakanth (S6 CE) Mathamangalam 9495768550
11 Mrs.Sathi A G M/O. Jeevan Francis (S6 EC) Payyanur 9495881424
12 Mr.Attakkoya Thangal F/O Sayyid Muhammed Shifas N( S6ME) Irikkur 9447647297
13 Mr.A P Abdul Majeed F/O. Muhammed Sanjeed ( S6 ME) Mattool 9746730307
14 Mr.Vijayan M K F/O. Akshay Vijayan (S6 ME) 9747916029
15 Sudhakaran K F/O. Dheeraj K V (S2 ME) 9745295980
16 Sukumaran P V F/O. Aswin P V 9847517939
17 Prabhakaran P F/O. Gopika A. P (S2 EC) 9947815902
18 Sainudheen F/O. Fasmitha (S2 EC) 9746730307
19 Shiju Mohan P K Administrative Officer 9447648993
20 Anuranj K K Asst. Professor (ME) 8943448108
21 Aneesh M V Trade Instructor 9544344968
22 Chandramohan Namiar Placement Officer 9605852222
23 Viswanathan T V Chief Accountant 9947308737