Anti-Ragging Cell

The department of physical Education has a remarkable position in sports and Games. The department provides facilities for practicing and coaching in almost all sports and games. Like participating in competitions, organizing inter collegiate and other championships in a remarkable way is another feature of the department. The extension service of the department of physical education provides opportunities to the public and the staff to participate in Yoga and other courses. It also provides facilities to the neighbouring institutions for coaching and practice.

Anti-Ragging Committee

Principal - 09526950058

Chairman - 09895236930

Civil Society Member
1. Mr. P Muralidharan - 09895773809

Local Police Administration
1. CI Taliparamba - 9497987212

Local Media

Youth N G O
1. Adv. Noushad - 09947316801

Representative of faculty members
1. Mr. Jishnu - 9496833268
2. Mr. Sijo Joseph - 08943728508
3. Mr. Yajnheswaran B - 09497481974
4. Mrs. Dilna K T - 09895318873

Representative of parents
1. Mr. Rajan P P - 09656081912

Representative of Freshers
1. Mr. Vishnu shankar (ME)
2. Ms. Reshma Ramesh (CE)
3. Ms. Priya Aloysius (EE)
4. Mr.Vyshak M (EC)
5. Mr. Muhammed Shafaf (B.ARCH)

Representative of Senior Students
1. Mr. Hashil Hareendran (CE)
2. Miss. Haritha P V (EE)

Non-Teaching Staff
1. Mr. Shiju Mohan P K - 09447648993
2. Mr. Chandran K - 09495616340

1. Mr. Uthaman M - 09446677677

Anti-Ragging Squad

Mr. Jyothish (Senior Accounts Manager)

Mr. Sooraj T (Asst. Professor-Chemistry)

Mr. Sijo Joseph (Asst. Professor-Physical Education Director)

Mrs. Amrutha (Asst. Professor-Physics)

Mr. Abhishek (Asst. Professor-ECE)

Miss. Rosebell John (Asst. Professor-Computer Science)

Mr. Prijith M (Asst. Professor-EEE)

Mr. Pradeep P V (Asst. Professor- S & H)

Mr. Chandran K (Workshop Superintendant)

Mr. Sandeep M.K (Lab Instructor-EEE)

Mr. Sajesh Kumar A.V (II nd Grade Instructor-ME)

Mr. Babu P (Trade Instructor-CE)

Mrs. Resmi K.V (II nd Grade Instructor-ECE)

Mr. Prasanth R.C (Store Keeper)

Mr. Manoj K.V (Management Affairs in Charge-Administration)

Mrs. Supriya E.P (Clerk-Administration)

Mrs. Sreeja P (Clerical Assistant-Administration)

Mr. Kaneesh P.V (Librarian)

Mrs. Nalini M (Hostel Warden-Girls Hostel)

Mr. Kamalakshan K (Hostel Warden-Boys Hostel)

Mr. Balakrishnan A.K (Hostel Warden-Boys Hostel)

Mr. Uthaman M (Security), Mr. Muralidharan K.T (Security)